Интра инструкция

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The effective n^ is the observed sample n divided by the design effect, n^=n/DEFF. Lastly, the design factor (DEFFT) is the amount by which the standard error of an estimated mean increases after considering the clustering in the data. Method Thirty-nine adults participated in an intra session, repeat measure, crossover study design. MMT and HHD isometric wrist strength was tested in six standardized test positions by two raters. One minus the design factor times 100 (1-DEFFT*100) is the percentage by which a confidence interval around a mean increases due to the clustering. Inflammatory fluids generally have WBC counts in the thousands, while non-inflammatory fluids have WBC counts under 1000. Remember the ratio of RBC/WBC is ~750/1. This can be important in hemorrhagic fluids that are inflammatory or infected.

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