Инструкция масло тотал 15 w50

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The only issue with changing from a synthetic to a semi-synthetic will be the loss of the benefits of the synthetic base stocks such as the volatility and cold flow properties. Castorenes and KR2 are very resistant to this. The difference in viscosities for most single-grade oil is too large between the extremes of temperature. To bring the difference in viscosities closer together, special polymer additives called viscosity index improvers, or VIIs are added to the oil. Изготовитель — «BP», Швейцария Самое обычное масло для дорожного байка воздушного или воздушно-масляного охлаждения, не испытывающего экстремальных нагрузок. Such particles could circulate in the oil and grind against moving parts, causing wear. Possibly a ‘political’ fuel consumption/CO2 emission reduction gesture. 10W/30 is approximately 25% less viscous than 10w/40 at 100C, so the 10W/40 is marginally better in hot conditions, especially in an older high-mileage (kilometre-age?!) engine.

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