Инструкция по терминалу pax s90

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Together, you can accept EMV payments with tips, right at the point of sale. Enter the Terminal Password. (Today’s date in MMDDYYYY format) Enter the Transaction Number. Шаг 2. В случае одобрения заявки АО «Народный Банк Казахстана» приобрести POS-терминал у компании или в торговой сети. Call Us Main Corporate Number: (800) 201-0461 Please call this number to reach all departments or individual staff members. 24/7 Support: (800) 632-1888 This number will bypass the standard menu options to connect you directly with our support departments for a quicker response. Terminal will return Approved, Declined or an Error and Print a Receipt. Input the Return Amount. If keyed, the terminal will ask: Terminal will ask if card is present input correct answer.

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