Siemens ap75 инструкция

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Fea- tures a Car Charger, a Headset PTT and a Y- Adapter. Обидно только, что все соединения – с кабелем miniUSB, зарядным автомобильным или обычным устройством – невозможны без футляра. Он ведь является переходником. Page 9: Insert Sim Card/battery Insert SIM card/battery The service provider supplies you with a SIM card on which all the im- portant data for your subscription is stored. If the SIM card has been de- livered in credit-card size, snap the smaller segment out and remove any rough edges. Page 13: Call Records, Calls Missed Call records Press. §Select§ Press right soft key to open the Call records Calls missed Press. §Select§ Press right soft key to open the list of Missed Select submenu. Page 50: Clock Clear all All set diversions are cleared.